Earn money by recommending Internet Download Manager

IDM Affiliate Program – Unlock your earnings potential. Will you prepare your online business for a takeoff? Go Only Through IDM Affiliate Program.

Here Is That Amazing Chance Where You Can Make Cold And Real Money Through Advertising That Highly Recommended Internet Download Manager (IDM).

IDM is a highly reputed software with over ten million satisfied users around the world. It has received acclaim from industry experts and users alike. It has received some honor, even being named “Editor’s Pick” on reputable download sites like CNET, ZDNET, HotFiles, and Download.COM.

Just Look At Their Glowing User Opinions, People Can’t Stop Talking About IDM! And Some Buy It Even Before The Free 30-Day Trial Is Up. Okay, This is where you’re in! You Could Start Earning Referral Fees By Linking To IDM On Your Website. And The Best Part?

And no sales team or customer service department is needed too!. To Take Care of Sales, Customer Support and Tracking We Have Joined Hands with Share-It.

And How Much Can You Earn? Let’s Make You An Awesome 20 Percent Commission on Each and Every Sale of IDM Made through your site. But Here’s The Kicker.

You just have to follow these easy steps:

  1. Join for free and earn 20% for each sale your website generates.
  2. Place Internet Download Manager banners, marketing slogans, etc. on your site
  3. For downloading IDM you should use the following link:[YOUR-SHAREIT-ID]

For example

In this regard, our server will establish its cookies with affiliate ID in the customers’ computers, redirecting the customer towards downloading the most current version of the IDM suite.

  1. Set your download link to you banners, popular pages and remember to substitute YOUR_SHAREIT_ID with your actual affiliate ID.
  2. The cookie will enable our server to notice the shopping basket when the client comes to our purchase page, and thereafter the client is directed to Share-It purchase page for which the commission belongs to you.

In turn, this will reflect in our records all times when IDM is downloaded by visitors from your website.

  1. Introduce us to your visitors and encourage them to get an IDM product.
  2. Monthly issued Sales/Checks Received.

However, this technology cannot operate in some countries where we sell IDM exclusively via local resellers. Please refer to our purchase page to review whether you can buy via Share-It.

The share-it purchase option will appear when purchasing IDM; at this time the affiliate system will work for your country. With this done, our website’s purchase page redirects you to Share-It purchase page with cookies set out for your affiliate ID.

How Much Does It Cost?

Nothing. Joining the Internet Download Manager Affiliate Program is free.

Do You Need Your Own Web Site?

You need some space on the web where you can put the links for referring visitors to Internet Download Manager site. The tracking system which gives you credit for referrals, requires that you link to our web site using a special URL containing your affiliate code.

The only way to ensure that your referrals get to the Internet Download Manager site using your special links is for those links to be present on your web site.

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