Internet Download manager Google Chrome Extension

Internet Download Manager Google Chrome Extension

Although IDM crack is compatible with mostly used browsers, however Google Chrome is dominantly used in the tech market. So we will discuss how to add Internet Download Manager Google Chrome extension and how it works. If you missed what the Internet Download Manager Crack is, head over to our websit’es comprehensive guide on the topic here.

1: Firstly, update IDM to the latest version

2: Mostly, IDM extension is automatically added to the Google Chrome after installation.

In case, extension is not added automatically, you can install it Manually through below link.


Important Note: IDM extension is hidden by default in Chrome Web Store. You would not find IDM extension through searching the chrome web store. All IDM extension found on Chrome Web Store or Google playstore are fake and should not be installed.

3: After adding IDM EXTENSION TO Chrome, now question is : How to Configure IDM extension for Chrome?

It is important to configure IDM extension properly by following steps mentioned below:

1: When you will click above link of IDM extension, following screen will appear:


Click on “ Add to Chrome”.

2: Below screen will appear:


Click on “ Add Extension”.

3: Below message will be displayed:



Now Internet DownloadManager extension for Google Chrome has been installed.

4: After Internet DownloadManager extension for Google Chrome has been updated and installed, now it is time to configure IDM extension to work properly.

Check below image.

First Click Extensions Icon in the top right corner of  Chrome. Then click “ Manage extensions”.


5: Below screen will appear.

You will have to click on “ Details”.


6: Below screen will appear.


Here, you will have to check options highlighted  above in Yellow.

You can allow IDM extension to work through INCOGNITO mode. This is optional.

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