Here’s a troubleshooting guide for common issues IDM may encounter and their solutions or workarounds:

  1. Broken Downloads:
  • Verify that the internet connection is strong. Interruptions due unstable connection leads to broken downloads.
  • Check if it is on a stable server with no problems.
  • Visit the URL directly with a browser and check whether it opens the whole file without restrictions. If the file is found lacking, please try to download it once more.
  • If you are experiencing repeated broken download of IDM in relation with a certain file or website, consider shutting down your antivirus and firewall software; this might prevent smooth running of downloads in IDM.
  • Verify that the login details for the host website are correctly entered under IDM’s Site Logins option, where applicable.
  1. Incompatible Browsers:
  • Use a supported browser. The advantage of IDM is that it supports well-known browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.
  • Upgrade to the latest version of your browser. Some old-version browsers may not work well with IDM.
  • Verify whether the browser has IDM integration. Ensure you have all of the browsers open in IDM that you use.
  • If IDM integration is not functioning, please disable and re-enable it in IDM’s options or browser settings.
  • Otherwise, try reconfiguring both or even all browsers and IDM.
  1. IDM Not Capturing Video/Audio:
  • Such a situation can become with some video streaming resources which work through encrypted channels and apply certain protective means. In this case IDM can miss video/audio stream.
  • As discussed earlier in this section check if IDM integration is enabled in the browser settings.
  • You can use the existing “Grabber” in IDM for video downloading. Alternatively, right click on the webpage with the video/audio, choose “Download with IDM” or press Ctrl+Alt+D (Windows)
  • In case your IDM cannot download the video/audio, you could attempt other tools such as using a video downloading extension or IDM video grabber/capture program.

If this is the case, please address other challenges that are not discussed in this guide and not responded to by the proposed solution; refer them to IDM’s official support departments or community’s forum. They will give you a personalized guide that meets your needs, and solve any problem which might arise during the process.

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